Now that Salesforce DX is in beta and sessions for the 2nd TrailheaDX have ended, there is a lot to get excited about!

First off, most of the sessions from the conference have been uploaded to the SF developer channel on YouTube. I added my playlist of the SF DX videos up top and the rest of their sessions below. TrailheaDX had a ton of sessions, so I’m sure you’ll find a few that are relevant to whatever Salesforce project you are working on.

With DX in beta, the arrival of a brand new trail has been created specifically for DX. Like with all trailheads, this seems to be a very well made trail that gets you through all the basics. The DX modules include an introduction, developing apps, continuous integration, and Git/Github. One thing I’ve noticed with DX intro videos and guides is that they are very CLI based. I see very little use with the new 2.0 IDE. Personally, I enjoy using IDEs, in general, more than CLIs. An IDE seems more intuitive—if built well. Plus, this will be important for my team, who are mostly admins that will be using the IDE for declarative development and then integrating their changes. Does anyone else have a strong preference using a CLI or an IDE, assuming both have the same capability?

I’m looking forward to actually testing out DX on a new Org I’m helping set up. With the combination of Git, our custom deployment tool (which uses the migration Ant tool), and Salesforce DX, I’m hoping this will cut hours from our development/deployment process and be easily adoptable by our team.